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One correction: "the nation's number TWO law school." Aside from that, fantastic, funny, engaging, and fair article.

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Personally, I appreciate Vivia Chen's article. I think some of Chua's comments/actions are being sensationalized and, yes, this probably in part driven by her not acting according to what some might expect for her gender and ethnicity. Sure, if true, some of what happened might not have been the most appropriate but people are not perfect and attention should also be given to the valuable things that Chua has contributed - focusing on mentoring and teaching over scholarship is, sadly, undervalued in academia. Good on Chua for focusing on what she loves and where she can add true value to students' experiences and future careers. Many students need more attention and support to get through law school and feel like they, too, can succeed - this support is not always common. As for Rubenfeld, the current limbo he/YLS are in illustrates the challenges and dysfunctions of a tenure system that may not adequately address issues as serious as sexual harassment. Also, Chua shouldn't be punished for being associated with him, whatever she may choose as to the future of that relationship.

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