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The Dan Markel Case: An Interview With Ruth Markel

Ruth Markel is the author of a deeply moving new memoir, The Unveiling: A Mother's Reflection on Murder, Grief, and Trial Life.


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Burying your own child is one of the most difficult experiences to endure. Burying your own child because he was murdered is even more horrific.

Just ask Ruth Markel. She was the mother of my friend Dan Markel, the renowned professor of criminal law who was shot in his garage on the morning of July 18, 2014. At the time of his death, Dan was only 41, the father of two young boys. Now Ruth has written a powerful, deeply moving memoir about her life since that fateful day, The Unveiling: A Mother's Reflection on Murder, Grief, and Trial Life.

I was honored to have Ruth as my guest on the Original Jurisdiction podcast. We discussed what the past eight years have been like for her, why she wrote The Unveiling, how she got Florida to pass a landmark law about grandparental rights, and the latest in the Markel case—not just the legal proceedings, which are far from over, but also her struggle to win access to her grandsons, whom she was not allowed to see for six years. You can listen to our conversation by clicking on the embed above.

[UPDATE (11/17/2022, 3:35 a.m.): Yesterday brought big news in the case: after staying silent for the more than six years since her arrest, Katherine Magbanua, who served as the go-between connecting the Adelsons and hit men Sigfredo Garcia and Luis Rivera, has agreed to talk to the authorities. Here’s the order from Judge Robert Wheeler providing for her transfer from prison to the Leon County State Attorney’ss Office for a proffer on or before November 28 to 30.]

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