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I know I am late to this party, but I am a white lawyer in my 50s and I absolutely know what a trap house is, and so does Colbert, I am confident he does or has in the past listened to trap music like Migos and the various "members" of the ASAP mob. I don't know a person his age who is not Amish who has not listened to trap since high school. Just for fun I asked a couple of my students (neither of whom lived in the US before August) and they knew what a trap house was. This is some first rate gaslighting from Colbert and his mouthpiece. I cringed while reading this interview, especially when reading Colbert's friend's words. That email is no different from Halloween blackface. I cannot imagine how this is not an honor code breach. I am pretty shocked you would defend this sort of overt racism, but hey, I don't know you.

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