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An Exit Interview With A Top Law School’s Dean: Risa Goluboff

An Exit Interview With A Top Law School’s Dean: Risa Goluboff

Is UVA Law the nation's happiest law school? And might that explain why it hasn't had Stanford- or Yale-style free-speech controversies?

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Would you want to be a law school dean in the year 2024? The once-coveted post seems less fun, given the tension and polarization on university campuses these days, as well as more challenging than ever. One misstep or missed goal—a free-speech controversy gone viral, a fundraising target unmet, a double-digit drop in your school’s U.S. News ranking—and you could be out of a job.

Surviving to the end of one’s term as dean is already an accomplishment. Concluding a deanship with multiple achievements unlocked is even more impressive.

It’s difficult, but not impossible—as reflected in the record of Dean Risa Goluboff (pronounced REE-suh GOL-u-buff, in case you’re wondering). When her eight-year term as dean of the University of Virginia School of Law ends on June 30, she can take pride in around three dozen new faculty hires, completion of a $400 million capital campaign (more than a year ahead of schedule), and a #4 ranking in U.S. News—the highest in the history of the school.

What are some of the secrets of Dean Goluboff’s success? What does she view as the two biggest challenges facing American law schools today? And what is her excellent advice… about how to respond to advice?

Learn all this and more by listening to our podcast conversation. Thanks to Dean Goluboff for joining me, and congratulations to her on such a successful deanship.

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Dean Risa Goluboff (courtesy photo by Jesús Pino for UVA Law School)

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