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A Rising Star Of The Supreme Court Bar: Easha Anand

A Rising Star Of The Supreme Court Bar: Easha Anand

In her first Term arguing before the justices, Anand has three oral arguments—unusual even for seasoned SCOTUS advocates.

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How many Supreme Court advocates wind up with three or more arguments in the same Term? Some of my past podcast guests—like Lisa Blatt, Paul Clement, Neal Katyal, and Kannon Shanmugam—can claim this distinction. But it’s very, very rare (especially if you don’t work—or have never worked—in the Office of the Solicitor General).

What’s even more rare is having three oral arguments in your very first Term arguing before the Court. But Easha Anand, the 38-year-old co-director of Stanford Law School’s renowned Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, just pulled off this feat—which is why I was so eager to have her as a guest on the Original Jurisdiction podcast.

How did Easha wind up in law school, after a promising journalism career that included stints at the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the Wall Street Journal? How did she wind up with three Supreme Court arguments in the same Term? And what are her three pieces of advice for first-time SCOTUS advocates?

Listen to our podcast interview to find out. Congratulations to Easha on the unanimous win in her first argued case, thanks to her for joining me, and good luck to her in what I predict will be a long and successful career arguing at One First Street.

Show Notes:

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Easha Anand (courtesy photo via Stanford Law School)

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