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A Tale of Two Societies: The Society For The Rule Of Law v. The Federalist Society

'Always Be Courageous': An Interview With Twyla Carter

Judicial Notice (11.25.23): Zero Tolerance

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No Accident: An Interview With Karen Dunn

What SCOTUSblog's Tom Goldstein Doesn’t Miss About The Court

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Supreme Court Clerks, October Term 2012: Where Are They Now?

The Dan Markel Case: Charlie Adelson, Convicted

Behold The 2023 Am Law 200 Rankings

Judicial Notice (11.04.23): Israel, Hamas, And The Limits Of Free Speech

Viet Dinh, Fox's Outgoing Legal Chief, Has No Regrets—Not Even Dominion

The Canceling Of The American Mind: An Interview With Greg Lukianoff

Judicial Notice (10.28.23): Abandon All Hope

The 20 Most Prestigious Law Firms In America

Lat's Legal Library (10.2023): Under Threat

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Announcing 'Exclusive Jurisdiction,' My New Column For Bloomberg Law

Confessions Of A Law School Dean: An Interview With Gordon Smith

Judicial Notice (10.14.23): May It Please The Court

Notice And Comment: Biglaw Firm Rescinds Job Offer Over 'Inflammatory' Anti-Israel Email

Judicial Notice (10.07.23): A Stroke Of Genius

Your Face Belongs To Us: An Interview With Kashmir Hill

Judicial Notice (09.30.23): Gender Trouble

Notice And Comment: The SCOTUS Ethics 'Scandals'

Judicial Notice (09.23.23): Where Is The Love?

From Class Actions To Affirmative Action: An Interview With Brian Fitzpatrick

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Judicial Notice (09.09.23): Show Me The Money

Tiger Mom Turned Novelist: An Interview With Amy Chua

Judicial Notice (09.02.23): No Holds Barred

Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: Meet The October Term 2023 SCOTUS Clerks

Judicial Notice (08.26.23): This Means War

Fix The Court: An Interview With Gabe Roth

Judicial Notice (08.19.23): Stinky Cheese

Notice And Comment: Disqualifying The Donald?

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An Inside Look At Litigation Finance: An Interview With Chris Bogart

Judicial Notice (08.05.23): Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

Judicial Notice (07.29.23): A Date With Destiny

Irreconcilable Differences: An Interview With... My Husband, Zachary Baron Shemtob

Judicial Notice (07.22.23): Juice Not Worth The Squeeze?

A Brief Programming Note: A Baby Announcement

Judicial Notice (07.15.23): Call of Duty

A Conservative Legal Crusader: An Interview With ADF's Kristen Waggoner

Judicial Notice (07.08.23): Elon Musk v. Wachtell Lipton

Judicial Notice (07.01.23): Technicalities

The People's Justice: An Interview With Judge Amul Thapar

Judicial Notice (06.24.23): Hunter And Fishing

Judicial Notice (06.17.23): Will The Robots Take Our Jobs?

On Judging And The Rule Of Law: An Interview With Justice Rolando Acosta

Judicial Notice (06.10.23): Get Outta Here

The Barber Ranen Blowup: 'The Worst Emails I've Ever Seen'

Judicial Notice (06.03.23): Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

A Leading Voice For Transgender Rights: An Interview With Alejandra Caraballo

Judicial Notice (05.27.23): ChatGPT, FML

Further Thoughts On Warhol v. Goldsmith

Judicial Notice (05.20.23): Fair Is Foul, And Foul Is Fair

A Card-Carrying Defender Of Free Speech: An Interview With Nadine Strossen

Judicial Notice (05.13.23): Time's Up

The New U.S. News Rankings: Harvard Takes A Tumble

Judicial Notice (05.06.23): A Hot Mess

The Top 20 Most Profitable Law Firms (2022)

From The Classroom To The Courtroom: An Interview With Neal Katyal

Judicial Notice (04.29.23): Full Disclosure

An Elite Boutique Makes A Notable New Hire

Inside Dominion v. Fox: An Interview With Tom Clare And Libby Locke

Judicial Notice (04.22.23): Outfoxed By Dominion

Leading Litigator Leaves Latham To Launch A Boutique: An Interview With Chris Clark

On All The Recent Federal Judicial Scandals

Judicial Notice (04.15.23): Biglaw Bad News

A Free-Speech Controversy... At BYU Law?

The U.S. News Rankings: Say Hello To The New T14

Judicial Notice (04.08.23): Flying Justice Thomas

Notice And Comment: The Indictment Of Donald Trump

Dare To Be Great: An Interview With Steven Molo

The Law Clerk Boycott Hits Stanford Law School

Judicial Notice (04.01.23): Bragging Rights

Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: Time For Reform?

Judicial Notice (03.25.23): Stepping In It

Dean Jenny Martinez Speaks Out About The Protest Of Judge Duncan At Stanford Law

What Employers Want: An Interview With Sonya Som

Judicial Notice (03.18.23): What A Mess

The Full Audio Recording Of Judge Kyle Duncan At Stanford Law

7 Updates On Judge Kyle Duncan And Stanford Law

Yale Law Is No Longer #1—For Free-Speech Debacles

Just Say Yes: An Interview With Judge Stephen Vaden

Judicial Notice (03.04.23): Sometimes You Just Need A Gavel

Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: The Liberals Start To Move

Judicial Notice (02.25.23): Never Mind

Lat's Legal Library (02.2023): Defending The Indefensible?

The U.S. News Rankings Drama And The Future Of Legal Education

Judicial Notice (02.18.23): Disrupted

More Thoughts On Intellectual Diversity In Biglaw

Judicial Notice (02.11.23): Ouch!

On The Need For Diverse Viewpoints In Biglaw

From Lawyer To Judge And Back Again: An Interview With Gary Feinerman

Judicial Notice (02.04.23): The Chief

Notice And Comment: Law Student Anonymity

Judicial Notice (01.28.23): Going Viral

A Controversial Speaker Returned To Yale Law—You Won't Believe What Happened Next

From C Student To Cabinet Official: An Interview With Secretary Jeh Johnson

Judicial Notice (01.21.23): Well Played, Counselor, Well Played

The Supreme Court Speaks On The Big Dobbs Leak

Judicial Notice (01.14.23): Double Trouble

In Memoriam: William S. Consovoy (1974-2023)

Disrobed: An Interview With Judge Fred Block

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