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The Partner Track: An Interview With Helen Wan

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Free Speech, Wokeness, And Cancel Culture In The Legal Profession

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Congratulations To The 2023 Bristow Fellows

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Yale And Harvard Law To U.S. News: Drop Dead

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Virginia Giuffre, Alan Dershowitz, And David Boies Reach A Settlement

Judicial Notice (11.05.22): Affirmative Action's Last Stand

'She Eats Bullies For Lunch': An Interview With Robbie Kaplan

Affirmative Action Is Going Down

Judicial Notice (10.29.22): Chief Twit

Notice And Comment: Can A Conservative Work In Biglaw?

Judicial Notice (10.22.22): Not-So-Good Behavior

Is Yale Law School Turning Over A New Leaf?

The Dan Markel Case: An Interview With Steven Epstein

Judicial Notice (10.08.22): Game On

Supreme Advocate: An Interview With Paul Clement

In Memoriam: Judge Laurence H. Silberman (1935-2022)

Judicial Notice (10.01.22): Ho No He Didn't!

A Prominent Federal Judge Declares He Will No Longer Hire Clerks From Yale Law School

Lat's Legal Library (09.2022): Imperfect Justice(s)

Judicial Notice (09.24.22): Sad!

America's Next Top Trial Lawyer: An Interview With Alex Spiro

Judicial Notice (09.17.22): Laying The Smackdown

Notice And Comment: Can A Progressive Work In Biglaw?

The Dan Markel Case: No Bail For Charlie Adelson

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Judicial Notice (09.03.22): Special Masters

The #1 Lawyer At The #1 Company: An Interview With Rachel Brand

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Who Are The 20 Highest-Paid General Counsel? (2022)

Judicial Notice (08.20.22): Florida Man

Judicial Notice (08.13.22): We Just Can't Quit Him

The Top 20 Most Prestigious Law Firms In America

4 Thoughts On The Search Of Mar-a-Lago

Judicial Notice (08.06.22): Dog Days

Notice And Comment: Should Trump Be Indicted?

The Dan Markel Case: Katie Magbanua, Sentenced

Judicial Notice (07.30.22): The Real Justice of New Jersey

Lat's Legal Library (07.2022): Conservatives, Cancel Culture, And Copyright, Oh My

My Latest Theory About The SCOTUS Leaker

Notice And Comment: The Bar Exam

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Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: Meet The October Term 2022 SCOTUS Clerks

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Say Hello To The 2022 Am Law 200 Rankings

Twitter v. Elon Musk: Let's Look At The Lawyers

Judicial Notice (07.09.22): A Most Taxing Situation

Perlot v. Green: The Latest Law School Free Speech Controversy

Judicial Notice (07.02.22): Might Makes Right?

Free Speech And Cancel Culture: A Tale Of Two Law Schools

Notice And Comment: What Should Biglaw Leaders Say About Dobbs?

Judicial Notice (06.25.22): Overruled

Paul Clement Leaves Kirkland & Ellis Amid A Dispute Over Gun Cases

A Controversial Dean's Departure From Yale Law

Notice And Comment: The Wheels Of Justice

Judicial Notice (06.18.22): Bearing Witness

Judicial Notice (06.11.22): Chesa'd Outta Town

Constructive Cancellation: An Interview With Ilya Shapiro

Judicial Notice (06.04.22): Verdicts

Supreme Betrayal: The SCOTUS Leak Investigation Ramps Up

Lat's Legal Library (05.2022): A Summer Reading List

Judicial Notice (05.28.22): Convictions

Notice And Comment: Should We Repeal The Second Amendment?

The Top 20 Most Profitable Law Firms (2021)

A Rising Star In Law And Politics: An Interview With Marina Torres

Judicial Notice (05.21.22): 2400 Hours

The Dan Markel Case: Opening Statements

Notice And Comment: Protesting At Justices’ Homes

Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: The Jackson Four

Judicial Notice (05.14.22): Grinding It Out

What The SCOTUS Leaker Might Say For Themselves

The Dan Markel Case: Charlie Adelson Gets A New Lawyer

Judicial Notice (05.07.22): Cui Bono?

Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: The Latest News

The Leak Of The Draft SCOTUS Opinion Overruling Roe: Answers To Your FAQs

Judicial Notice (04.30.22): What A Lemon

Notice And Comment: Let's Talk Twitter

Judicial Notice (04.23.22): No Joke

The Dan Markel Case: Charlie Adelson, Arrested

Dean Trevor Morrison Speaks Out About Antisemitism Controversy At NYU Law

Musings On Mizelle's Mask-Mandate Magnum Opus

Judicial Notice (04.16.22): Injunction Junction, What's Your Function?

Biden's Judicial Nominees: Turnabout Is Fair Play

NYU Law Erupts In Controversy Over Alleged Antisemitism

Judicial Notice (04.09.22): The Tenth Justice

Prominent Politicians Condemn The 'Vitriolic Mob' At Yale Law School

Notice And Comment: The New U.S. News Law School Rankings

Here Come The Judges—Down The Aisle!

Judicial Notice (04.02.22): Privilege

Lat's Legal Library (03.2022): Constitutional Crisis

Yale Law Dean Heather Gerken Speaks Out About The March 10 Protest

Judicial Notice (03.27.22): Who's Afraid Of Virginia Thomas?

In Memoriam: Bernard "Bernie" Nussbaum (1937-2022)

Free Speech At Yale Law School: One Progressive's Perspective

From Federal Judge To... Romance Novelist?

An Open Letter To Yale Law Dean Heather Gerken

Judicial Notice (03.19.22): Long, Long Covid

Is Free Speech In American Law Schools A Lost Cause?

Supreme Court Clerk Hiring Watch: Family Ties

Judicial Notice (03.12.22): Small Is Beautiful

Previewing Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings

Notice And Comment: Representing Russia

Judicial Notice (03.05.22): Russian For The Exits

Antitrust Law In The Biden Administration: What’s The Deal With That?

What Is A 'Letter Of Marque And Reprisal'?

Judicial Notice (02.26.22): Justice Jackson

Judicial Notice (02.19.22): Circuit On Fire

President Biden's Supreme Court Nominee: The Case For Kruger

Stubbs v. Gerken: Yale Law's Motion To Dismiss

Judicial Notice (02.12.22): Things Fall Apart

President Biden's Supreme Court Nominee Will Be....

Congratulations To The 2022 Bristow Fellows

Judicial Notice (02.05.22): Lesser White Men

The Dan Markel Case: Justice Delayed, Again

Lat's Legal Library (01.2022): Murder Most Foul

Judicial Notice (01.29.22): Breyer, Retired

Handicapping President Biden's Supreme Court Shortlist

Would You Like To Own A Book From Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Library?

Judicial Notice (01.22.22): Much Ado About Masking

Notice And Comment: The Tesla/Cooley Controversy

Heather Gerken Wins Reappointment As Dean Of Yale Law School

A Leading Litigation Boutique Turns 25

Judicial Notice (01.15.22): Sedition

Notice And Comment: Biglaw In 2022?

Judicial Notice (01.08.22): Wax On, Wax Off